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In the kit you will find the new KRY-O "K-RAM Tank" together with RAM-MOUNT support.


With this kit positioned on the motorcycle tank, vibrations transmitted to your smartphone and the chances of damaging the stabilizer are reduced.

he position of the holder allows you to have your smartphone always in view and in safety.


The storage compartment of the GS 1200/1250 adventure remains accessible.

Assembly is quick and easy.


NB. See the features of RAM-Mount support and compatibility in the information section.



  • The support is composed of the ram-hol-pd4u holder and the ram-b-231zu handlebar stem compatible with tubular handlebars or generic tube with a diameter from 0.5 "(1.27cm) up to 1.25" (3.175 cm).

    For PDA PDAs and many smartphones, including apple iphone 6s plus 7 plus 8 plus xr xs max and samsung galaxy s9 s10 and note 9 and 10.

    The support consists of the short 6 cm shaft and the ram-b-231zu stem.

    The mask has an adjustable opening at the bottom that allows you to hook the charger to the handheld.

    It is made of hard and resistant metal in order to wrap the handheld and protect it from vibrations and movement.



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