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Waterproof WP40 Bag with Quicksnap System KRY-O.



The first waterproof bag of the Dry-o-Kry-o line, is born with "quicksnap" to make traveling more comfortable and safe but also usable in many other contexts! Made of bi-coated polyurethane with a special "roll-up" closure provides total protection against water and sand. The air valve allows you to maximize the capacity of the bag.



A new easy and intuitive fastening system, an handle with 4 hooks, designed to travel in total safety with the WP40 Waterproof Bags. The handle allows lifting and transporting the WP40 and aluminum luggage.

Mounting is easy and fast!


SKU: WP40_QSnap
€169.00 Regular Price
€109.85Sale Price
    • nr 1 WP40 waterproof bag
    • nr 1 QuickSnap handle
    • nr 4 stainless steel hooks
    • nr 1 shoulder straps


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